List of PTAs
 ProviderNameTypeSub-schemesInitial Entry Into ForceEnd Date   
Armenia Generalized System of Preferences - Armenia GSP110-Oct-2016 96247051
Australia Generalized System of Preferences - Australia GSP101-Jan-1974 69223036
Australia South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement Other PTAs001-Jan-1981 80135036
Canada Commonwealth Caribbean Countries Tariff Other PTAs015-Jun-1986 70336124
Canada Generalized System of Preferences - Canada GSP101-Jul-1974 62307124
Chile Duty-free treatment for LDCs – Chile LDC-specific028-Feb-2014 84238152
China Duty-free treatment for LDCs - China LDC-specific001-Jul-2010 79320156
European Union Generalized System of Preferences - European Union GSP201-Jul-1971 36224899
European Union Trade preferences for countries of the Western Balkans Other PTAs001-Dec-2000 76328899
European Union Trade preferences for Pakistan Other PTAs015-Nov-201231-Dec-201382162899
European Union Trade preferences for the Republic of Moldova Other PTAs021-Jan-200831-Dec-201575130899
Iceland Generalized System of Preferences - Iceland GSP029-Jan-2002 53189352
India Duty-Free Tariff Preference Scheme for LDCs LDC-specific013-Aug-2008 71330356
Japan Generalized System of Preferences - Japan GSP101-Aug-197131-Mar-203163327392
Kazakhstan Generalized System of Preferences - Kazakhstan GSP110-Oct-2016 87302398
Korea, Republic of Preferential Tariff for LDCs - Republic of Korea LDC-specific001-Jan-2000 52285410
Kyrgyz Republic Duty-free treatment for LDCs - Kyrgyz Republic (29.03.2006 to 10.10.2016) LDC-specific029-Mar-200610-Oct-201672298417
Kyrgyz Republic Generalized System of Preferences - Kyrgyz Republic (As of 10.10.2016) GSP110-Oct-2016 100299417
Montenegro Duty-free treatment for LDCs – Montenegro LDC-specific020-Jan-2016 97278893
Morocco Duty-free treatment for African LDCs - Morocco LDC-specific001-Jan-2001 46240504
New Zealand Generalized System of Preferences - New Zealand GSP101-Jan-1972 66243554
New Zealand South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement Other PTAs001-Jan-1981 80135036
Norway Generalized System of Preferences - Norway GSP101-Oct-1971 43319578
Russian Federation Generalized System of Preferences - Russian Federation (01.01.2010 to 10.10.2016) GSP101-Jan-201010-Oct-201683207643
Russian Federation Generalized System of Preferences - Russian Federation (As of 10.10.2016) GSP110-Oct-2016 98264643
Switzerland Generalized System of Preferences - Switzerland GSP101-Mar-1972 64235756
Chinese Taipei Duty-free treatment for LDCs - Chinese Taipei LDC-specific017-Dec-2003 68236158
Tajikistan Duty-free treatment for LDCs – Tajikistan LDC-specific025-Oct-2003 86295762
Thailand Duty-free treatment for LDCs – Thailand LDC-specific009-Apr-201531-Dec-202085326764
Türkiye Generalized System of Preferences - Turkey GSP201-Jan-2002 73294792
United Kingdom Developing Countries Trading Scheme – United Kingdom (As of 19.06.2023) GSP319-Jun-2023 101329826
United Kingdom Generalized System of Preferences – United Kingdom (31.12.2020 to 18.06.2023) GSP301-Jan-202118-Jun-202399321826
United States of America African Growth and Opportunity Act Other PTAs118-May-2000 37331840
United States of America Andean Trade Preference Act Other PTAs004-Dec-199131-Jul-201367180840
United States of America Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act Other PTAs201-Jan-1984 78332840
United States of America Former Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Other PTAs008-Sep-1948 77334840
United States of America Generalized System of Preferences - United States GSP101-Jan-1976 49318840
United States of America Trade preferences for Nepal Other PTAs030-Dec-201601-Dec-202588333840